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Strum's Ben Stangland to Speak on Next Gen MCIF at The Financial Brand Forum

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Cultivating Smart Data to Enrich Relationships: Leveraging Next-Generation MCIF Platforms

For over 30 years, an MCIF system was the marketer’s “power tool”, but it never became a real resource for others in the C-suite. Such systems couldn’t answer complex growth questions or shape strategic decisions. In today’s dynamic marketplace, financial marketers must employ a new set of digital and analytical tools to mine data that enhances relationships and improves their experience.

In this session, you’ll learn the vital role marketers now play working with leaders in IT and other teams to implement a modern data analytics platform that truly transforms your marketing strategy and delivers real ROI. Learn how to move from antiquated data modeling systems to dynamic “predictive and prescriptive” tools that drive smarter decisions.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How an intelligent data warehouse platform — combined with outside data and machine learning tools — can measurably increase bottom line performance and profits

  • How your C-suite can align every department around new models for strategic ROI by tapping data-driven tools like visual dashboards and heat maps

  • How to identify optimal “lifestyle segments” and turn them into data-driven “marketing personas” that more accurately predict people’s wants and needs

  • How data improves targeting, fuels cross-selling, and enhances interactions through greater personalization

Don’t miss this invaluable breakout session on Monday, April 15th at 10:30 a.m. at the Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas.