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We believe in curiosity.

A brief history of Strum.


30 years of rhythm.

We lived our first 30 years as Weber Marketing Group. And for 30 years we steadily evolved. We helped lead a branding revolution for community financial institutions. We designed immersive environments. Forged bold campaigns. Engineered experiences. Created and told powerful stories.

We utilized nuanced insights to shape consumer behavior. And we invented new digital tools to make it all more effective.

After 30 years of pushing forward, there comes a time to look back and take stock. We are so much more than a marketing group. We are analysts and strategists and artists and storytellers — all working together to solve complex brand challenges.

We find rhythm. We make noise. And we will continue to evolve.


Leadership & Senior Management.

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Mark Weber

CEO & Chairman | Principal

Ben Stangland.png

Ben Stangland

President & COO | Principal


Karen McGaughey

VP Client Services | Principal

Josh Streufert.jpg

Josh Streufert

Creative Director | Principal

Randy Schultz.png

Randy Schultz

VP Marketing

John Mathes.png

John mathes

Director of Brand Strategy

Lee Allen.png

Lee allen

Director of Software Platform

Charlotte Boutz-Connell.png

Charlotte boutz-connell

Director of Client Experience

Kory Davidson.png

Kory Davidson

Associate Creative Director

Bill Hasapedis.png

Bill HasApidis

Director of Data Analytics

Matt Devries.png

matt devries

Director of Finance

Ruth kapcia

Director of Retail Experience

Maya Bragg.jpg

Maya Bragg

Director of Design


What we value.

Curiosity. Determination. Insight. Craft. And a story well told.

What we do.


  • Analytics

  • Data Warehouse

  • MCIF

  • Business Intelligence

  • Profitability

  • Research


  • Brand

  • Name

  • Branch Optimization

  • Culture & Training

  • Segmentation & Personas

  • Marketing


  • Branding

  • Naming

  • Advertising

  • Digital

  • Retail Design

  • Film & Video


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Our main office is located in Seattle, where Capitol Hill meets Downtown.

1200 6th Avenue, Suite 900
Seattle, WA 98101