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Strum Platform™ | Business Intelligence Data Analytics Platform

Next-gen business intelligence.


The next generation of actionable data analytics, targeting and user personalization.


Strum Platform™ is a streamlined end-to-end Business Intelligence Data Analytics Platform.

Use it to unlock dynamic customer segment insights, model your ideal members and prospects, and target profitable loan and deposit product growth opportunities with actionable and visualized data insights and automated tools.

Want to see the next generation?

By providing a single source of accurate, shared, data-visualized BI intelligence, KPI performance tracking, and vital relationship insights around your members/customers, we help leaders drive smarter, faster aligned strategic business decisions and growth planning with proprietary Strum Insights™.

Strum Platform™ seamlessly builds richer customer segmentation and Persona insights that drive more personalized brand experiences and relevant one to one content. That leads to more engaged, profitable and loyal customer relationships. Our targeting, trigger marketing and automated next best cross-selling tools amp up results, track ROI metrics and enhance new customer onboarding to reduce costly churn and improve acquisition.

The Strum Platform™ is a data agnostic, responsive-designed and simple user interface that turns volumes of complex mission critical data (i.e. core and disparate data) into 10 chapters of actionable and visualized BI dashboards and strategic insight queries using AI tools to optimize team alignment around managing shared KPI goals, analytics insights and performance metrics.

Armed with rich and simple analytics insights, visualized BI dashboards built “on the fly,” users can accelerate digital transformation implementation by months, even years, saving countless dollars, resources, and time to market.

Seamlessly link data for on-the-fly visualization.

Our proprietary Strum Insights™ seamlessly links customer relationship, product, branch, competitor and savvy market big data (e.g. life stage events, psychographics, demographics and triggers) to make relationship building simple. Our customizable data models, machine learning and algorithms like ProfitTrac™ help you leverage your dynamic Data Warehouse and take loan and deposit marketing, ROI and profitability generation and tracking to a new level.

The Strum Platform™ gives users more control & more analytics insights.

  • Executive BI Visualized Dashboards, AI tools, KPI’s & Metric Scorecards

  • Data Lake in the Azure Cloud

  • Enhanced Lifestyle Segmentation, Targeting & Profiling

  • Loan & Deposit Portfolio Management & Opportunity Models

  • Personalized Marketing, Onboarding & ROI Analysis

  • Marketing Automation CRM/CMS Module, Next Best X-Sell

  • Branch Performance, Big Data & Market Analysis

  • Indirect Loans, Members & Dealer Analytics & Performance Targeting

  • Google Map Suite Integration

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