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Addition Financial: “Count Us In”


Addition Financial asks Central Florida to “Count us in.” 

Strum helps the credit union launch a new name with emotive branding for organization-wide success.



Launching a new brand is never easy. Launching a new brand with a new name in a market you’ve served for over eight decades — and doing it all in just a few months — makes a hard challenge even harder.

For over 80 years, CFE Credit Union served Orlando and Central Florida. Now, as Addition Financial, the credit union needed reinvention for the future. The brand had to reflect Central Florida’s evolving demographics, with a consistent, yet flexible approach that incorporated humor, positivity and a message of service.


Strum designed a brand built around Addition Financial’s commitment to financial education and member service. And we did it with tongue firmly in cheek. The folks at Addition Financial are experts, of course. But they don’t need to take themselves too seriously. So they connect with consumers on a human level by pulling in humor and relatability.

The brand rollout spanned branch installation and environmental merchandising, video, collateral, credit and debit card design, corporate communications, staff culture training, outdoor and digital display.



Light on product. Heavy on vibe.

With relatability, levity and a heavy dose of humor, these spots set the tone for the launch of the new name and brand.

Addition Financial can’t do everything, but for great banking and financial advice, count them in.

Stationery & Plastics
Addition Financial has high school branches throughout Central Florida. Providing valuable learning opportunities for students — and an opportunity for a little fun.
Student Teller T-Shirt

Student Teller T-Shirt

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