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Frontwave: A scrappy so-cal financial brand launch


A financial brand Built for marines and the scrappy citizens of greater San Diego & beyond.


When you’re from a place with as much pride and character as North County San Diego, it shows in every way. In order to deepen connections with their membership, differentiate in their market and grow for the future, Pacific Marine Credit Union needed a name and brand focused on the people they serve. 


By leveraging a North County, San Diego scrappy, blue-collar work ethic and leaning on their history of serving Marine families, Frontwave Credit Union embarked on a new mission. A new perspective and fresh commitment, showcased with a new logo and brand, helped increase awareness and growth within their target audiences. 

Old name & logo.

Old name & logo.

New name & logo

New name & logo


Big attitude. Big impact.

Frontwave Logosaic

It’s a financial brand that’s not afraid to get out there.

Handmade, pro-quality skateboards and surfboards, for sale in the Frontwave Team Store. All proceeds benefit non-profits.