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Strum's Charlotte Boutz-Connell to Speak at Social Media Conference for Credit Unions


Charlotte Boutz-Connell, Strum’s Director of Client Experience, will lead two sessions at CU Conferences’ annual Social Media Conference.

The conference is June 20th-23rd in Charleston, South Carolina.

CU Conferences' annual Social Media Conference is full of timely sessions packed with fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the issues facing today’s credit unions. Strum's Charlotte Boutz-Connell has over 15 years of experience in traditional advertising, social media strategies, brand building and insights development. She will be sharing her perspective with conference attendees in two sessions:

Is Your Social Media Program Anti-Social?

If you've been approaching your social media as just another media channel, it's time to shake up that thinking! Hear real-world ways to make your social media program more brand-relevant, higher performing, and more fun to manage. Charlotte Boutz-Connell will share practical tips for improving the quality of your social media efforts, in order to drive more meaningful relationships with your target audience and your staff.

Attendees will explore:

  • Internal policies that promote (or prevent) a social media-friendly culture.

  • How to empower staff to contribute to your success.

  • Different content strategies for financial service brands.

  • How to handle a social media crisis with grace – and how negative situations can even lead to positive outcomes.

Charlotte Boutz-Connell, Director of Client Experience

Charlotte Boutz-Connell, Director of Client Experience

Social x Personalization

We aren’t “social” with machines, or with crowds, or with faceless entities. What does it mean to be social, if not to be personal? In this session we’ll talk about how to develop personalized content that will resonate with your priority target audiences.

Attendees will explore:

  • How data analytics can drive more insightful, more personalized content.

  • The value of your staff’s personal social media advocacy.

  • How social media fits into your overall digital ecosystem.