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Strum's Session on Data-fueled Brands at the NEFMA Fall Conference


Join us for a session on balancing brand and data at the NEFMA Fall Conference

Transforming your Data Analytics into Powerful Brand & Marketing Strategies

Hear from Strum’s John Mathes, Director of Brand Strategy, and Lee Allen, Director of Strum Platform on how data is fueling the growth of brand-led organizations at the NEFMA Fall Conference in Portsmouth, NH on Monday, October 28th at 3:00 pm.

For your digital transformation to be truly effective, marketing, IT and operational strategies –and even your culture must align behind a highly personalized consumer journey and a well-articulated and differentiated brand position that leads the organization forward.

Success requires new ways of thinking about data mining, targeting and traditional channels in marketing strategies. By leveraging rich consumer behavioral analytics and market big data you can better target your consumer and prospect segments that grow wallet share and market share. The C-Suite grows impatient for tangible growth results from marketing budgets. And no one is better positioned than a savvy marketing leader to drive transformation.

Marketers must carefully balance budgets with a shift towards highly measurable digital marketing, building market brand awareness and relevant competitive differentiation.


  • Differentiate your brand with relevant distinction, provide highly personalized content and innovative experiences across all channels

  • How the right data analytics, dashboards and business intelligence that talks to each other can help you direct the right combination of traditional and digital marketing – that appeal to your targets and delivers results.

  • How leaders are making the shift from product campaigns, to a consumer and prospect-focused strategy using data analytics and psychographic segment targeting.

John Mathes, Director of Brand Strategy

John Mathes, Director of Brand Strategy

Lee Allen, Director of Strum Platform

Lee Allen, Director of Strum Platform