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The Challenge of Innovation and Building Brand and Market Leadership


Kicking off the Summit with Mark Weber.

The gorgeous Pacific Northwest in mid-September set the stage for the Strum Executive Innovation Summit designed for credit union executives from across North America as they came together to listen, learn, and navigate topics on innovation, growth and leadership.

Strum founder and CEO, Mark Weber, welcomed the group and immediately challenged them to share their challenges, goals and frustrations from their respective positions as leaders of their organizations, and to capture their expectations for spending two days with peers and industry leading-edge service providers.

Weber framed the summit as an opportunity to build holistic brand leadership across a range of mission-critical components that shape and influence growth such as brand relevance, culture evolution, digital transformation, innovation and philanthropy. And that the speaker line-up that was about to unfold over the two days was going to address these issues head-on.

He went on to share the Strum belief that there are four keys to unlocking and juicing brand performance: alignment, relevance, differentiation and adaptation. Get all four of these strategies performing and an organization will find its rhythm and be poised for growth.

He asked the group to keep in mind 4 key questions as they absorbed sessions ahead:

  1. How are they leveraging analytics to identify Ideal Members?

  2. Does your brand and experiences resonate with these targets?

  3. How does your culture match your brand aspirations and are they authentic?

  4. Are your products and solutions relevant?

Strum Summit posts ahead in the next few days will capture highlights from each speaker’s presentation as we track through the lineup, give you some of the insights, and hopefully whet your appetite to not only read the series, but to anticipate attending the next Strum Executive Innovation Summit when it gets scheduled.

First up, who better to set the stage for two days of examining key trends & insights than from Jeffry Pilcher, CEO/President and founder of the Financial Brand.

— John Mathes, Director of Brand Strategy, Strum